Guest blog entry: Rob Smith at Shop for your Cause

As many of you may know, PA Dog Rescue has recently partnered with the site Shop for your Cause. Shop for your Cause is an online fundraising, activist, and informational site that allows people to help influence the world around them. Since partnering with them, PA Dog Rescue has raised over $900. Most of this came via the quiz (which was the PA Dog Rescue contribution to the partnership). However, SFYC has raised over $30,000 for two different causes via their click-to-donate program. This program allowed someone to click and donate two cents to their chosen cause. We really hope to bring this back as soon as we can as it was a very powerful fundraising tactic. Shop for your Cause shares a similar mission to this rescue, which is to eradicate breeders and get as many people as possible to adopt their pets. We also let users sign petitions to help influence the world around them. We have recently been adding on new content for mixed breed dogs. This way when people are searching the web for information on these various breeds they can be directed to rescues that will help guide them in the right direction, thus avoid some scrupulous breeder.

If you get some time, we would appreciate your perusing the site and using the many features we offer to help us raise money for the rescue. And remember to click and donate and play the quizzes daily!