Donation Application

The revenue generated from our Free Food program is used to donate food (or money for food) to shelters and rescues across North America. The more people who know about this program, the more animals we are able to help. By helping us spread the word, your organization is eligible to receive a donation up to $2,000. The donation amount depends on how many options you select below and how visible your organization is. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Method 1: Social Media Post ($25 - $300 depending on number of followers)
-Post an agreed upon message about our Free Food program to Facebook and/or Twitter.

Method 2: Link to Us from your Website ($100 - $900 depending on website traffic, type of link, and visibility of link)
-Add a link to on your website. The link must remain present for a minimum of one year.

Method 3: Our Beyond Breed Tool ($20 - $800 depending on what actions you take below and the size of your organization) *You must have at least 5 dogs/cats listed in Petfinder.
-PA Dog Rescue developed a tool to help potential adopters find their perfect dog or cat. You can earn money for your organization by trying out the tool, providing feedback, and linking to it from your website.