Using Beyond Breed on Your Website

There are many ways you can integrate with our Beyond Breed tool. Implement more than one to maximize the number of potential adopters who see it. The first example is the preferred method.

Example 1: Insert Into Website – This method will insert the Beyond Breed tool into your website. Have your web developer insert the below code into your webpage. You can modify the height and width properties as you see fit. The larger you make it, the less your users will have to use the scrollbars. You must replace “XX123" with your organization’s code. If you would like to use different colors, please reference the Beyond Breed Colors page.

Code Snippet to insert Beyond Breed

Example 2: Add a Link – Add a text or image-based link to our tool from your website. Feel free to use one of our images below and have your web developer set the link to must replace “XX123" with your organization’s code.

17 dogs in a line

Dogs and cats posing

7 cats in a line


Example 3: Share Your Link – Get your link out there! This tool will only be helpful to you if many people see it. Your unique URL is in the form of Simply replace “XX123" with your organization’s code, then share the link. You can share it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, through e-mails and newsletters, or however you see fit!

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