Different Types of Dog Food

What Does Your Dog Prefer? A Quick Look at Different Types of Dog Food

Dogs are not just pets but companions. They are a member of the family and their wellbeing and health is of the most importance. Dogs, like humans, have different tastes and preferences, and when it comes to food, they can be fussy eaters just like us. With so many different types of dog food available for our pets, working out which is the best one to choose can be a difficult task.

Some dogs may prefer one flavor over another, so it’s important to be aware of what tastes your dog has a preference for. Over the past decade or so, dog food has evolved greatly from being a simple choice of either canned or bagged food. Now there are various types of dog food, for different dogs at different stages of their lives.

There are also lots of different brands and figuring out the benefits of one over another can take a little time. You can find a lot of information online that can help, and a quick search on Google for something such as Ava dog food review, can bring you up a wide range of results where you can see reviews and experiences about feeding your dog a specific brand.

Wet Foods

Wet dog food is the classic meal for our canine friends that is served out of a tin. Actually, today they can be served out of tins, pouches and even special serving trays, as over the years, their packaging has advanced to much more than a basic metallic tin.

As the name suggests, this type of dog food contains a lot more water than you’d find in dry dog food. One disadvantage of this is that you’d need more wet food in comparison to dry food, which has literally no water content, and this could end up being a lot more expensive each month.

Some of the benefits of wet dog food is that it is a lot easier to chew, especially for younger and older dogs. It is also good for puppies and aids their growth as wet food will usually contain more protein than dry foods.

Dry Foods

Dried dog foods come in a variety of styles from simple circular biscuits to large bone shaped snacks for your dogs to munch on at dinnertime. This type of food has a much longer life span than wet food, which needs to be consumed within a couple of days of opening the tin or container. With dry foods, they can last for months providing they are kept in a dry and airtight container.

There are a number of different ways that dried dog food are produced, with production methods such as baking, air drying and extrusion, which is the most common method for preparing dry food. Some people suggest that dry foods that go through a number of different preparation methods can start losing the natural nutrients and vitamins that they originally contain.

Benefits of dry dog food are it is a lot cleaner than wet food, is easier to measure so you can make sure you are giving your pet the correct amount and are not over or underfeeding them. It is also usually cheaper than other types of dog foods. Dry dog foods also have most of the nutrients and vitamins that a dog needs for good health.

Raw Foods

This type of dog food has become more and more popular over the years, and lots of people all around the world are now feeding their dogs a diet of raw foods. Most dog owners will prepare their own foods for their pets, as many see this form of dog food as the most natural in terms of what a dog should eat.

However, there are many dog food companies that are now also producing raw foods for dogs, and you’ll most likely have come across these in freezer units you may have seen at your local pet store. Some dog owners prefer the convenience of purchasing raw foods in packs, as it can save time and effort if you make it yourself.

Some animal professionals do not agree completely with the concept of raw foods for dogs, as there are a number of health issues associated with it, but in small amounts, accompanied by either dry or wet foods, it can be a combination that your pet enjoys.

There is no right food to feed your dog. It all depends on what your canine friend prefers to eat. Some dogs may only eat dry foods, while others only wet. You’ll also find a number of pet owners who feed their dogs a combination of both types. The best way to see what your dog prefers is trial and error. Only then will you have a better understanding of the type of food your dog prefers, as well as the flavors. If you are concerned about your dog’s eating habits, then you should take them to your local pet clinic to be checked up.

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