Adopt Your Next Dog and Save a Life

There are many ways to bring a furry friend into your home. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders, and breeds. Many people who buy from breeders or pet stores are not aware of some important facts. Here are some reasons why you should adopt instead.Puppy laying down

Buying a dog from a breeder or pet store typically comes at a higher cost. Breeders and pet stores make money off dogs. The more dogs they sell, the more profitable they become. When you adopt a dog, there is usually a fee, but it is typically lower than what a breeder charges. Adoption fees go towards medical care, training, toys, and food. Rescues are in it for the dogs, not the money.

You might think a pet store is a safer bet. Did you know that many pet stores get their dogs from breeders and puppy mills? While they may be purebred, they are probably inbred too. This means they could have physical and mental health issues that are associated with inbreeding. The mothers of these puppies are mothers to numerous litters. Their sole job is to reproduce. Once they are unable to do their job, they are discarded like trash.

Fawn pug puppyBecause breeders and pet stores want to please the buyer, they have many dogs available. However, many will have more dogs than their property size allows. Dogs will not have the proper space to move around, ability to socialize with other dogs, or the proper care and treatment. With the many dogs that breeders and pet stores have, it is impossible to track the well-being of the dog. Did they all get their shots? Did they all eat their meals? Are they all being taken care of properly? Have they exercised or even been outside today?

Breeders have been known to end a dog’s life for many reasons. If a breeder has too many dogs, they may end a dog’s life for space. If a dog is not adoptable, they may end a dog’s life. If a dog is past the cute or adoptable age, they may end a dog’s life. Shelters do not have the space to keep every dog that enters their facility. Rescues help to alleviate space by making room for more dogs. When you adopt, it helps to make more space for loving dogs who need homes.

There are many dogs already out there that need homes. Why should we keep breeders and pet stores in business? Some of these dogs just need a little love and TLC in order to be active members of our families. That is where PA Dog Rescue comes in. We start the TLC process to make shelter dogs better adapted to living in a home.

Many rescue dogs are typically no longer puppies. Although puppies are cute, they take a lot of time that many families do not have. Many rescued dogs are already house broken, know some commands, and are used to living in a home. Rescue dogs are some of the most affectionate and loyal animals. They may have never known a life of love and appreciation. When you give it to them, they will love you forever!

Why should you adopt a rescue dog instead of buying from a breeder or pet store? You save a dog’s life! Pure and simple.

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